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Bucket List

This chart is a great "Bucket List" daimoku chart that was distributed by the SGI-USA Women's Division.  Enjoy!

Click here to download the Bucket List daimoku chart

Dragon Gate 

Just like in the Gosho...this daimoku chart has the owls, eagles, kites, hawks, nets, and archers.  With each daimoku, you make your way upstream to become a dragon.  To get to the top it is a quarter-million daimoku.

Click here to download the Dragon Gate daimoku chart.

Million Mountain

This is a million daimoku chart you may recognize...it's been around for a long time! (I found an old hand-drawn version in the 80s and replicated it.)

It has lots of cool places to visit as you chant...the Oasis of Optimism, the Desert of Doubt, the Lake of Self-Reflection, and 13 others.

Click here to download the Million Mountain Daimoku chart.

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Million Mountain Book

Here is the Million Mountain daimoku chart in a convenient book format...so you can fold it up and fit it into your bead case.  To make it into a booklet, cut the horizontal lines, then tape them together in a long strip (the order of the strip should be top, then middle, then bottom).  Fold along the vertical lines, then tape the left fold as the binder and you have a daimoku booklet.

Click here to download the Million Mountain Book daimoku chart.

Gohonzon Daimoku 

Here's a daimoku chart with many of the amazing characters that are on the Gohonzon...like the Wish-Granting Jewel, Mount Sumeru, the 10 Demon Daughters and ten others.  This one is a half-million daimoku.

Click here to download the Gohonzon Daimoku chart.

Animal Daimoku

This chart is a very fun chart with lots of colorful animals representing traits like Courage, Tenacity and Wisdom.  This one is a half-million daimoku.

Click here to download the Animal Daimoku chart.

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Daimoku Road

This chart has some fun places to visit while you're chanting a million daimoku: Treasure Mountain, the Castle of Friendship, the Crossroads of the Crucial Moment, and 15 others.

Click here to download the Daimoku Road chart.

Kid's Animal Daimoku

Lots of colorful animals like the regular animal daimoku chart...but fewer blocks to fill in.

Click here to download the Kid's Animal Daimoku chart.

This site was set up by Rob R to share daimoku charts with SGI members.  Most of these charts were created either by hand or in Powerpoint. 

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